UCCI takes CTE to the Next Level

We made a pretty bold commitment in the OC Pathway’s mission statement when we agreed to ensure that Orange County students are ready for college and career success through participation in learning experiences that integrate rigorous academics and career preparation. So how do we go about realizing this goal? The answer is that there is no single answer. We will need to pursue many avenues and one of those involves development and adoption of curriculum developed through collaborations by teams of CTE and core academic teachers leading to creation of new courses that concurrently meet CTE standards and fulfill University- “a-g” criteria for admissions.

OC Pathways convened a group of CTE and core academic teachers to develop 6 new UCCI courses:

1. Math and Engineering
2. Engineering and Physics
3. Biology and Bio-tech
4. English and Digital Media Arts
5. History and Engineering
6. Healthcare and Math

The first four of these have been officially approved by the University of California. For the past several months, CTEp under the leadership of Jillian Johnson Sharp has been creating detailed course materials that will enable teachers in Orange County to pilot the courses in the 2016-2017 academic year.