STUDENT PROFILE: Sarah’s path to Mechanical Engineering

Deciding to take ROP Manufacturing Engineering Technology was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it has truly changed my life.” – Sarah Fuhrman

Sarah Fuhrman is a former Laguna Hills High School student now at the University of Michigan majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She took the ROP Manufacturing Engineering Technology course with Mr. Petzold in the Haas Technical Education Center at Trabuco Hills High School. Furthermore, she was a Gene Haas Foundation scholarship recipient at Coastline ROP’s Distinguished Student Recognition Ceremony in May of 2015.

Sarah’s words underscore the importance of our career pathway’s work!

“My decision to attend college after high school wasn’t greatly influenced by taking ROP Manufacturing Engineering because I already had it set in my mind that I would attend college. What it did influence was what I would be studying and what I wanted to get out of my education. Prior to Manufacturing Engineering Technology, I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do in college and was really only guessing at what I thought I might enjoy. Because I was good at math and science, engineering was the major that was sort of thrown at me. I liked working with my hands so I figured that it might be a good match but I didn’t understand fully what engineering entitled nor did I have any real life experience with or with what sort of careers would come out of an engineering degree. By taking ROP Manufacturing Engineering Technology, not only did I find answers to all of my questions regarding engineering, but I discovered that I had a passion for it. Furthermore, it helped me decide on the major of Mechanical Engineering (to put on my college applications) and my experiences here in college have only solidified my decision. Not only has the class helped me choose a course of action for college but it has given me the experience and confidence to try new things at college. For example, I am joining the Baja Racing Design Team on campus which works to build from scratch an off road vehicle that is then raced in national competitions. One of the main machines used to build the parts for this car is a Haas Mill and since I already had prior knowledge of how to operate such a machine, I was able to join the team and start doing work right away.

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