Jacob enrolled in Orange County Workforce Development Board’s Young Adult Career Program as a graduate from La Vista High School in Fullerton with no work experience. Upon initial enrollment Jacob had no interest in attending post-secondary education.

With the assistance of the Young Adult Career Program, which focuses on career pathways and preparation for entry into the labor market, Jacob successfully completed a component of our program addressing life skills and work readiness. Through this curriculum young adults are prepared for the day to day challenges of life and learn what is necessary to be successful employees. Career exploration is also heavily emphasized in the program. Jacob presented an interest in the high-demand occupation of Radiology and developed a specific interest to become an X-Ray Technician.

Jacob was placed to work on a conservation crew to gain initial work experience. He was motivated by his case manager to enroll into Fullerton College to obtain an Associate’s Degree. Upon completion of his degree Jacob is planning on transferring to a 4 year university to pursue a career in the medical field as an X-Ray Technician.

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