Ammar went into the counseling office at Woodbridge High School in Irvine out of desperation due to having filled out many job applications with no response. Ammar was referred to the Orange County Workforce Development Board’s Young Adult Career Program and expressed his interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Ammar and his mother moved from Syria to the United States in hopes of a better life, but they found great difficulty finding employment because of the language barrier. In Syria, Ammar’s mother owned her own pharmacy and Ammar worked at the pharmacy since he was young.

The Young Adult Career Program helped Ammar with interview and occupational skills. Through supportive services Ammar obtained bus passes, clothes, shoes, and basic necessities needed to find employment. The Young Adult Career Program’s job developer worked on finding him a placement in a pharmaceutical environment to coincide with the experience he had obtained.

Ammar was given the opportunity to interview at CVS. Initially being very nervous about the interview, Ammar received guidance and assistance from the program which resulted in a successful interview and acceptance to complete his work experience at CVS. With hard work and willingness to learn, Ammar was hired on permanently. Working part-time and going to school he was able to graduate high school, enrolled at Irvine Valley College where he received an Associate’s Degree, and subsequently transferred to Cal State Fullerton.

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