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COMPETITION: Verizon Innovation App Challenge

The Verizon Innovation Learning App Challenge gives middle and high school students across the United States the chance to design real mobile apps.No coding required. As students develop app concepts, they learn teamwork, creative problem solving, and entrepreneurship skills. Since the contest launched in 2012, almost 3,500 teams from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have submitted app concepts. The competition has engaged more than 24,000 boys and girls in urban, suburban, and rural areas, including many under-served communities. About half the winning students are female.

Application Deadline: November 18th, 2016




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COMPETITION: The Space Robotics Challenge

The Space Robotics Challenge focuses on developing software to increase the autonomy of dexterous mobile robots in humanoid format – specifically NASA’s R5 robot – so they can complete specific tasks during space travel or after landing on other planets (such as Mars), as well as on Earth. Competitors will work within the Virtual Challenge scenario that has been created as a backdrop for developing coding advancements that enable the autonomy of humanoid robotics.

Application Deadline: October 7th, 2016




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COMPETITION: The Mars Ice Challenge

The RASC-AL Special Edition: Mars Ice Challenge is a special edition competition that will be held in conjunction with 100th Anniversary celebration activities at NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC) in 2017. RASC-AL has served as an integral part of LaRC’s talent pipeline as well as an idea mine for many LaRC projects over the span of several decades. As a part of the centennial celebration activities at LaRC, NASA will highlight RASC-AL achievements by hosting a Special Edition Challenge focusing on technology demonstrations for In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) capabilities on Mars, particularly extracting water from simulated Martian subsurface ice. Improving ISRU capabilities will be a focus for NASA over the next few decades, and the RASC-AL Special Edition: Mars Ice Challenge offers a unique way for NASA LaRC to recognize RASC-AL’s important place in its history while also linking the competition to its future.

Application Deadline: October 14th, 2016




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The Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-changing (BIG) Idea challenge is an initiative supporting NASA’s Game Changing Development Program (GCD) efforts to rapidly mature innovative/high impact capabilities and technologies for infusion in a broad array of future NASA missions. This year’s GCD-sponsored engineering design competition seeks innovative ideas from the academic community for in-space assembly of spacecraft – particularly tugs, propelled by solar electric propulsion (SEP), that transfer payloads for low earth orbit (LEO) to a lunar distant retrograde orbit (LDRO). Reuse of the SEP tug provides a cost-efficient method of transferring payloads between LEO-to-LDRO, LDRO-to-LEO, and for transit to deep-space locations such as Mars.

Application Deadline: November 30th, 2016




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COMPETITION: RASC-AL Aerospace Concepts Engineering Design Competition

RASC-AL is open to undergraduate and graduate university-level students studying fields with applications to human space exploration (i.e., aerospace, bio-medical, electrical, and mechanical engineering; and life, physical, and computer sciences). RASC-AL projects allow students to incorporate their coursework into real aerospace design concepts and work together in a team environment.

Application Deadline: January 19th, 2017




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COMPETITION: Formula Sun Grand Prix

The Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) is an annual track race that is held on grand prix or road style closed courses. This unique style of solar car racing is open to teams from around the world and truly tests the limits of the vehicles in handling curves, braking, and acceleration. On years when the American Solar Challenge (ASC) is held, FSGP serves as the qualifier race for this competition. Teams must successfully complete FSGP to prove their vehicles before they are allowed to start the cross-country ASC journey. The racing strategy applied during the three day FSGP track event is different than the cross-country ASC event. Driver training, passing strategy, and quick pit stops are crucial for teams racing in FSGP. It’s also essential to have a diligent team member in the timing booth and follow all of the rules of the track to ensure all laps get counted.

Application Deadline: February 1st, 2017

The University of Texas at Austin Solar Vehicles Team serves as local university host for the Formula Sun Grand Prix, an annual collegiate solar car race. This year, the event takes place at the Circuit of The Americas track, the first time Formula Sun has occurred on an official F1 track. Circuit of The Americas is also a sponsor of the UT team.



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COMPETITION: Vascular Tissue Challenge

The Vascular Tissue Challenge is a $500,000 prize purse to be divided among the first three teams who can
successfully create thick, human vascularized organ tissue in an in-vitro environment while maintaining meta-
bolic functionality similar to their in vivo native cells throughout a 30-day survival period. NASA’s Centennial
Challenges Program is sponsoring this prize to help advance research on human physiology, fundamental space
biology, and medicine taking place both on the Earth and the ISS National Laboratory. Specifically, innovations
may enable the growth of de novo tissues and organs on orbit which may address the risks related to traumatic
bodily injury, improve general crew health, and enhance crew performance on future, long-duration missions.

Application Deadline: September 30th, 2019



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COMPETITION: AMES Space Settlement Contest

This annual contest, co-operated by NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University, and the National Space Society (NSS) is for all students up to 12th grade (18 years old) from anywhere in the world. Individuals, small teams of two to five, and large teams of six or more are judged separately. Entries are also grouped by age/grade of the oldest contestant for judging. The age groups are 7th and under, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. The grand prize is awarded to the best entry regardless of contestant age. Students develop space settlement designs and related materials. Space colonies are permanent communities in orbit, as opposed to living on the Moon or other planets. The work of Princeton physicist Dr. O’Neill and others have shown that such colonies are technically feasible, although expensive. Settlers of this high frontier are expected to live inside large air-tight rotating structures holding hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people along with the animals, plants, and single celled organisms vital to comfort and survival. There are many advantages to living in orbit: zero-g recreation, environmental independence, plentiful solar energy, and terrific views to name a few. There is plenty of room for everyone who wants to go; the materials from a single asteroid can build space colonies with living space equal to about 500 times the surface area of the Earth.

Application Deadline: March 1st, 2017




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COMPETITION: PAVE 2016 Student Design Competition – Kroger Total Health

This annual competition, now in its 22nd year, is geared toward college-level students involved in retail design and planning, visual merchandising, interior design, and branding programs.
The competition’s design challenges consist of a visual merchandising category and a store design category, providing an excellent opportunity for students to obtain real-life retail design experience. Prizes include grants to students and schools and winning students may even see their designs come to life.

Application Deadline: October 24th, 2016




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COMPETITION: The Schindler Global Award (SGA) 2017 Competition

The Schindler Global Award is back – and it’s moving from Shenzhen to São Paulo! One of the most prominent student urban design competitions is open for entries again in 2016-2017.
The next Schindler Global Award (SGA) promises to be an even more exciting opportunity for young designers to match their skills and imaginations against the challenge of shaping the cities of today and tomorrow. The competition will begin in mid-2016 and end in mid-2017. The SGA 2017 is open to final-year bachelor’s and all master’s degree students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, from degree-granting educational institutions worldwide.

Application Deadline: October 30th, 2016